choosing a teacher
If you are considering training in Reiki Jin Kei Do, there are a number of points to consider. Here is a list of questions you may find helpful in determining your teacher.
They are not necessarily given an answer here. The purpose is to stimulate your own questioning.

Can you define what RJKD is and where it comes from?

A teacher should be fully conversant with the origins of the discipline and be able to define the principles and terminology, such as what RJKD means, where did the term come from, who chose it?

Is it a clinical healing system or a spiritual path?

A teacher should know clearly where the parameters of the system are, what types of spiritual practices are within the tradition, how it can work as a healing system.

Does it differ from the other lineages of Reiki, and if so how?

The lineage teachings make no claim to be “better” than any other, but there are differences. Remember, genuine teachers of the lineage are not “selling” or marketing this lineage of Reiki. They simply practice and teach it.

What is the teacher’s Lineage?

The teacher should be able to trace their lineage back to Dr Usui and have in this line of teachers, Venerable Seiji Takamori and Dr Ranga J Premaratna.

Do you teach other styles of Reiki, and if so what?

RJKD holds very close to the teachings as handed down by Venerable Seiji Takamori. If a teacher also teaches Reiki relating to other forms of “New Age” Reiki, it may be questionable how authentic their RJKD material is.

Footnote: Channelled and New Age Systems include: Seichem, Sechem, Tera-Mai, Karuna, Rainbow, Atlantean, Grecian, Angelic, etc.

What format does the training take?

There are some generally accepted guidelines that have come from the Lineage Head including course content, minimum hours of training, minimum time between levels etc. Are the teachings being presented in addition to other Reiki Degrees or Reiki lineages? If so, be aware that there are no pre-requisites to doing RJKD, and it is a complete system in itself.

What is the class size?

The size is kept to an appropriate number to allow for quality teaching and personal attention.

What is the cost?

There is no pre-set cost for each degree of Reiki and prices may vary between teachers.

Some questions to ask if you are looking for a Buddho Teacher.

What is Buddho?

Is it better than Reiki?

Is it the origin of the Reiki system?

Where does it come from?

Who practised it and how did it arrive in the West?

Why is it being taught with some connection to Reiki?

Who did you study with, and what is the lineage of teachings and your level of training?

What is the purpose of Buddho?

What kind of a healing system is it?
Is it a spiritual tool? If so, what sort of tool?

Will I understand healing or Reiki better? Will my energy be stronger?
What qualifications are required for taking the training?

Do I need to be a meditator, Buddhist, or a Reiki practitioner to take the training? If I have any disabilities can I take the training? Do I need to be fit and healthy?

What format does the training take?

Is there an on-going practice or do I just do the training and it is complete?

Will I be able to teach Buddho material?

Can this material be taught with other disciplines?

How far will I be able to train in the system with you?

What size are your classes?

What is the cost?

Are there any requirements or restrictions with this material/teachings?


choosing a teacher