reiki jin kei do

Faye travels extensively within Australia and overseas and brings to her workshops over 30 years experience in personal development and life skills. She impresses upon individuals and society the need to live in balance and harmony and offers you with a rare honesty, who she is. The many challenges and experiences she has been presented with both personally and professionally, have given her an inner strength and beauty which is evident upon meeting her. Her teachings initiate a quest towards self-realization, encouraging you to move through limiting beliefs to live in love and peace.

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First Stage

A First Stage workshop is normally held over a Friday evening and full-day Saturday and Sunday. With the spiritual assistance of four energy empowerments, you begin to develop insight into your reality and how you respond within relationships and to the world in general. You start to see how your mind can create stress and anxiety, ultimately leading to dis-ease! The teachings learnt over the weekend give you practical skills to apply in your daily life. Painful and challenging experiences need not be a life sentence!

First Stage is primarily for SELF-treatment but you will also learn a seated and full body treatment to give others. Simple meditation practices including Six Point Meditation and Seven Purifying Breaths, enhance your awareness of energy movement.

Students all receive a comprehensive manual and certificate on completion of the course.

The Next Step

It is important to allow an interval of time, usually a minimum of 3 months, to enable your body to integrate the higher frequency of energy from the First Stage attunements, before continuing to a Second Stage Workshop which involves a deepening of your practice.

Remember, it is not the destination but the journey that matters in the end, and this journey into the self takes time to unfold and appreciate!